This site is about ...

Back in the mid eighties I bought my first camera, a Canon A1. I still have it, in perfect working condition, but sadly it has now become a pice of memorabilia. Still, some of the images you will find either in a blog post, or in one of the galleries, may have been taken with the A1. 

On my little patch of the web, you will first of all find examples of my photographic work through galleries, pages and blog posts. From time to time you may also find my stab at other types of creative work. Stop by every now and again, and enjoy.


Photography is one of the activities I truly enjoy. Both taking pictures and processing them; it is always exiting to see if an idea I had on site taking the picture worked out the way I expected. 

Sources of inspiration

From time to time I will post blog entries where I tell a little about sources of inspiration for my work, first and foremost my photographic work. 
The blog will also serve as a channel for sharing stuff I find amusing and/or fascinating. There are a lot of creative people out here.


All photos you find in my galleries and pages are copyrighted and may not be used without my consent.
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