As I have mentioned earlier, in this day and age old techniques like wet plate photography seems exotic and alluring. Perhaps it is the flaws, or uncertainty of the process, which lends the images a quality closer to a work of art than a photograph. Here is another example I found on Vimeo. Long exposure are required, so note the supports which are meant to help the model keep still and in position.

Bruce Davidson

I came across this interview with Bruce Davidson on Vimeo. You may find his portfolio on Magnums site, and I recommend a visit to the site. 

Renowned photojournalist and Magnum photographer Bruce Davidson has been acclaimed for over half a century for his searing images of street gangs, circus performers and the civil rights struggles of the 1960s, all captured with a remarkable directness, truth and power that transcends the concept of style. Here, in his own words, are Bruce Davidson’s forthcoming, charming, and revealing insights into who he is, what he’s done, and where he’s going.
— Leica Camera on Vimeo