Old and new

On the way home from work I saw the mirror image of the old main building of  the national weather service, met.no, in the windows of their new building, "TallHall" at Blindern. The next day I brought my camera and tried to get a shot of the scene. It did not work out exactly as I had hoped, but it is close enough. I'll try again, the architecture of the new building is quite exiting.

The history of the Norwegian national weather service, met.no, runs back 150 years. The main office has been at Blindern in Oslo since the mid forties when the main building was built. Blindern was a rural area back then, but today it is part of the town and the main location for the University of Oslo.

The first university buildings where built around the same time, and are built in  a style of architecture inspired by functionalism, as for example the Pharmacy building. The architecture of me.no's old building may also be inspired by the functionalist movement.