As I mentioned in my previous post, I was out of town last week.  To improve my skills as a photographer I decided to go on a One2One workshop with the british photographer Steve Gosling. He was one of the instructors on the PhaseOne Iceland PODAS last year, and I got good advice from him during that workshop.

Steve specializes in producing contemporary landscape images, a type of photography which is different from my usual modus operandi. I tend to concentrate on details and smaller parts rather than the broader view; landscape photography tends to baffle me and my landscape images often reflect this.

Occasionally I manage to produce a landscape image that looks half decent. But I wanted to learn more and be able to make an image and say "I wanted that there", which does not happen often with my landscape photographies, rather than "hey, that looks cool". So I decided that I needed some help and turned to Steve Gosling for guidance.

Embleton Bay north of Dunstanburgh Castle, just before sunrise.