Mirror Image

Autumn has finally started to make it’s mark. Leaves are changing colour, and the sky takes on a different shade of blue than just a month ago. It is tempting to turn all the controls all the way up to 11 in an attempt to convey the mood, at the risk, of course, of overcooking it completely and turning it into tasteless kitsch.

Mirror image, autumn mood (1/360s @ f/5.6, 50mm, ISO 200)

Stress Reaction

Botanists say that there are more wild flowers this summer than usual. The main reason for this is the dry, hot summer we had in large parts of Norway last year. The drought last summer caused a stress reaction for many plants and trees, causing them to produce more seeds. Apparently it is a survival mechanism. Since we have had a more "normal" summer in terms of temperature and precipitation this year, the results is an abundance of wild flowers.

Stress reaction (1/180s @ f 4, 50mm, ISO 200)

Traces of Human Activity

There is a common misconception among us Norwegians that we have large, pristine expanses of nature. Areas free from, and far from, traces of human activity. But studies show that these areas are shrinking. Traces of human activity are ever more present. Cabins are built closer and closer to alpine regions putting pressure on the wildlife and the ecosystem. Power lines and roads cut through the landscape.

Norway, Holsheiene