Aurora Flakstad 2016

And it was worth the wait. The Sky cleared and the aurora display was very nice and lasted for a couple of hours, on and off. From the series of images I got I selected this one. Yes, I have adjusted the image slightly. I have increased the luminosity contrast rather than the RGB contrast to avoid increasing the saturation too much. 

Aurora at Skagsanden, Lofoten Islands


Stunning images of bright and colourful aurora displays are all over the net. And for the first time I have seen some amazing displays of this mesmerising phenomena myself. I realised that the aurora may not be as colourful to the naked eye as some of the images you see may lead you to believe. There is, and this is a controversial issue for some regardless of subject matter, most certainly a lot of post processing applied to many of these images. Keep in mind though that the camera sensor is able to record colour in low light conditions when the human eye is more or less restricted to a monochromatic view of the scene. And don't forget the artistic license.

8 second exposure at ISO 800, 28mm lens @ f/2.8. The exposure is increased about one stop, and the saturation is increased slightly.