Autumn Leaves

“Autumn leaves” is perhaps the jazz standard, composed by Joseph Kosma with lyrics by the French poet Jacques Prévert. Both audience and musicians seems to never tire of that song. And I guess those of us who live in a parts of the world where we are fortunate enough to experience the changing seasons never tire of the colourful autumn leaves.

Autumn leaves (1/90s @ f/4, 50mm, ISO 200)

Mirror Image

Autumn has finally started to make it’s mark. Leaves are changing colour, and the sky takes on a different shade of blue than just a month ago. It is tempting to turn all the controls all the way up to 11 in an attempt to convey the mood, at the risk, of course, of overcooking it completely and turning it into tasteless kitsch.

Mirror image, autumn mood (1/360s @ f/5.6, 50mm, ISO 200)

Stress Reaction

Botanists say that there are more wild flowers this summer than usual. The main reason for this is the dry, hot summer we had in large parts of Norway last year. The drought last summer caused a stress reaction for many plants and trees, causing them to produce more seeds. Apparently it is a survival mechanism. Since we have had a more "normal" summer in terms of temperature and precipitation this year, the results is an abundance of wild flowers.

Stress reaction (1/180s @ f 4, 50mm, ISO 200)

That Magnolia again

Yes, it’s that magnolia again. The one I find so hard to get a decent shot of. And, no, there is nothing special about this shot either. What is special though is that this year it is in bloom almost two weeks earlier than last year. We have just over one week left of April, and already we have had temperatures between 15°C and 20°C for several days.

Magnolia (1/750s @ f/5,6, 75mm, ISO 200)