Long Exposure

Coastal Landscape

This long exposure is done with a technique where you average a series of frames with a more “normal” exposure to emulate a longer exposure. The final image is created with an average of your frames, and the image here from a series of frames over a 30 second period, each individual exposure at 1/20s. The resulting image here is from about 60 individual frames. Very convenient when it is done “in camera”.

Coastal Landscape (30s frame average, 60 frames 1/20s @ f/11, 35mm Equivalent, ISO 64)


There is a magnolia tree I have tried to get a decent shot of. I have tried a number of times, but I have not been able to nail it. This time was no different, so I decided to get the 10 stop ND filter out and make a long exposure. It may not be a great image, but it does illustrate my frustration with the motif which just seems to slip through my fingers.


At last, I have found time to get out with my camera again. And for a change of scenery I decided to go to the seaside to see what I could find. The area I visited is a windswept stretch of coastline, and here and there you will find trees crawling along the ground seeking shelter wherever it may be found.

It was quite windy, and I decided on a long exposure with an ND-filter to convey how the branches of the fir tree were blown about. Due to the wind it was hard to get the trunk of the tree crisp and sharp, so I made a second exposure without the filter. I have combined the two images using the tree trunk from one and the branches from the other.