Coastal Landscape

This long exposure is done with a technique where you average a series of frames with a more “normal” exposure to emulate a longer exposure. The final image is created with an average of your frames, and the image here from a series of frames over a 30 second period, each individual exposure at 1/20s. The resulting image here is from about 60 individual frames. Very convenient when it is done “in camera”.

Coastal Landscape (30s frame average, 60 frames 1/20s @ f/11, 35mm Equivalent, ISO 64)

Lighthouse and Sunlight

The american painter Edward Hopper is one of my favourite painters. His work includes a series of painting of lighthouses along the coast of Maine. I came to think of them as I visited this lighthouse earlier this summer.

And as I have pointed out before, in some way or another your work will be influenced by the sum of your experiences and what you are exposed to. All the things you take a little time to explore, things you are intrigued by, things that spark your curiosity.

Maybe I am not very human. What I wanted to do was to paint sunlight on the side of a house.
— Edward Hopper

Ryvarden lighthouse in Sveio, just north of Haugesund on the western coast of Norway