Coastal Landscape

This long exposure is done with a technique where you average a series of frames with a more “normal” exposure to emulate a longer exposure. The final image is created with an average of your frames, and the image here from a series of frames over a 30 second period, each individual exposure at 1/20s. The resulting image here is from about 60 individual frames. Very convenient when it is done “in camera”.

Coastal Landscape (30s frame average, 60 frames 1/20s @ f/11, 35mm Equivalent, ISO 64)


Sometimes you just need to pay attention, and out of nowhere an opportunity emerges. A boat had just passed, and I happened to look in that direction and saw the waves echoing the rock formation.

I simply looked at the world, not really prepared for anything
— Saul Leiter

Waves, Verdens ende, Vestold (1/640s @ f/5.6, 50mm equivalent, ISO 100)


Some skills are like riding a bike. Once you have mastered it, you will be able to pick it up again even after a long break. Other skills require that you practice them on a regular basis to be able to perform at a certain level, like playing an instrument or speak a foreign language. For me photography is in the latter category; it takes some practice to get back into the grove again.

Verdens Ende, Tjøme