Experimenting with Colours

Reading a book on modern photography I came across a work that inspired me to experiment a little. The image was a montage of several black and white images of the same object from slightly different angles, each image as a translucent layer in the final image. So I thought why not do this with a colour image, but using the colour channels rather than the image itself to create a new image. And this is the result.

Rock by the Seaside

Here is another shot from my trip to the seaside. It is from the same windswept area as the shot of the windswept tree trunk. You will find a lot of rocks like this in the area, and I guess they date back to the last ice-age about 11 thousand years ago, left there by the melting glaciers. The details may be lost in the low resolution version shown here, but the large print turned out quite nice.

Rockface revisited

This is an image I have posted a different version of earlier. As part of the process of making prints I have reworked a few images, and this is one of them. Given that the previous one is on the dark side, I guess I did that one on my laptop. Even if the laptop monitor is calibrated, it is not suited for image adjustment other than for versions intended for presentation on a screen.


At last, I have found time to get out with my camera again. And for a change of scenery I decided to go to the seaside to see what I could find. The area I visited is a windswept stretch of coastline, and here and there you will find trees crawling along the ground seeking shelter wherever it may be found.

It was quite windy, and I decided on a long exposure with an ND-filter to convey how the branches of the fir tree were blown about. Due to the wind it was hard to get the trunk of the tree crisp and sharp, so I made a second exposure without the filter. I have combined the two images using the tree trunk from one and the branches from the other.


A week ago I posted a shot of some tulips. I am not entirely happy with that image, so I tried a second shot of the same tulips in decay. The first one had a very shallow depth of field, and did not emphasize the structure of the flowers the way I wanted. This time I  have increased the depth of field, and have done some post processing to make the structure of the wilted tulips stand out.

Long exposure

A couple of days ago a friend of mine and I visited a park downtown to do some photography. The light was kind of flat and the autumn colors where not quite as bright as we had hoped. I guess we need a night or two with frost first. So I decided to try to make an image of this artificial waterfall instead. It is a merge of two 30 second exposures, one with the plant in the foreground in focus, and one with the background in focus. A bit tricky to merge the images as there was a slight breeze moving the straws around during the exposures.