A week ago I posted a shot of some tulips. I am not entirely happy with that image, so I tried a second shot of the same tulips in decay. The first one had a very shallow depth of field, and did not emphasize the structure of the flowers the way I wanted. This time I  have increased the depth of field, and have done some post processing to make the structure of the wilted tulips stand out.

Long exposure

A couple of days ago a friend of mine and I visited a park downtown to do some photography. The light was kind of flat and the autumn colors where not quite as bright as we had hoped. I guess we need a night or two with frost first. So I decided to try to make an image of this artificial waterfall instead. It is a merge of two 30 second exposures, one with the plant in the foreground in focus, and one with the background in focus. A bit tricky to merge the images as there was a slight breeze moving the straws around during the exposures. 

Pilgrim's Way Lindisfarne

This is an image from Lindisfarne, or Holy Island, which is a tidal island; the island is cut of from the mainland at high tide. The view is towards the mainland, and the posts you see on the right mark the Pilgrim's Way leading from the mainland running across the sands, exposed by low tide, over to the island. The posts are about 4 meters tall, and the difference between high and low tide may exceed 4 meters.

Northumberland, Lindisfarne island looking towards the mainland with the Pilgrim's Way to the right

Basalt Columns at the Black Beach

Here is another example of basalt columns. This is from the Black Beach west of Vik. The sand consists of grains of black volcanic rock, and even faint sunlight will make the sand warm to the touch. (And for the fans of Bon Iver, if you have seen the "Holocene" video, these are the very columns the boy is climbing on towards the end of the video. You'll find the video on Vimeo.)

PhaseOne 645DF, IQ160, Schneider Kreuznach LS 80mm f/2.8 - ISO50 f/9 at 1/30s