Reflections on making Images

Photography and making images is more like playing an instrument than riding a bike to me. If I don’t do it on a regular basis I feel rusty and out of practice. It is not something I can just pick up where I left it months ago. I have to practice, and at the moment I feel that I am taking snapshots rather than making images. I guess this is a phase I have to go through to get back in form and make images the way I like to do again. But I still enjoy photography and the practice.

Scratching for Ideas

Scratching for new ideas, I was looking through a book I have on Georgia O’Keeffe’s work. And the book had a few reproductions of her Cow’s Skull paintings. That made me think of this image from a couple of years back. The Cow’s Skull paintings are not new to me, but I don’t think I had them in mind at the time. The image would have been quite different if I had thought of them as I was photographing the skull.

In some way or another your work will be influenced by the sum of your experiences and what you are exposed to. All the tings you take a little time to explore, things you are intrigued by, things that spark your curiosity.