At an Alarming Rate

This particular make and model of wheel loader will, according to the manufacturers website, load up to 10 metric tons in one go. The sand and the gravel you see behind it were created by the glaciers and rivers eroding the bedrock over thousands of years. We have become very efficient when it comes to exploiting the earths resources, and all over the world we are depleting these resources at an alarming rate.

Wheel loader (1/20s @ f/11, 35mm equivalent, cropped, ISO 50)


Sometimes you just need to pay attention, and out of nowhere an opportunity emerges. A boat had just passed, and I happened to look in that direction and saw the waves echoing the rock formation.

I simply looked at the world, not really prepared for anything
— Saul Leiter

Waves, Verdens ende, Vestold (1/640s @ f/5.6, 50mm equivalent, ISO 100)

Autumn in Oslo V

We´ve had a mild autumn this year. Even early in November there was still leaves on many trees here in Oslo. But now it´s over and we´ve entered the transition phase between autumn and winter, which can be quite grey and dull photographically. But sometimes limitations can be the inspiration you need to try a little harder.

Autumn in Oslo V (1/90s @ f/2.8, 50mm, ISO 200)