Stress Reaction

Botanists say that there are more wild flowers this summer than usual. The main reason for this is the dry, hot summer we had in large parts of Norway last year. The drought last summer caused a stress reaction for many plants and trees, causing them to produce more seeds. Apparently it is a survival mechanism. Since we have had a more "normal" summer in terms of temperature and precipitation this year, the results is an abundance of wild flowers.

Stress reaction (1/180s @ f 4, 50mm, ISO 200)

Streaks of Summer Rain

This is an image from a few months back. Sunshine and showers had been alternating throughout the day, and when I got home that afternoon I happened to look out the window and decided to get the camera out. After experimenting a bit with the exposure I decided on a longer exposure which transformed the raindrops to streaks of light running across the frame.

A little hint of summer

Winter can be very nice, but I needed a little hint of summer. I shot this image last summer. I was setting up the tripod and the camera when I noticed the bumble bee lifting from the flowers on the left. What I wanted was to have the bee on the flowers or near them. But after waiting for quite some time I gave up and settled for this one.